Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Golden Book from Japan 1958

Third new discovery of the new year, and second new Little Golden Book, this time from Japan.  Ok, I guess I can't really call this a Little Golden Book, although it is the same size as a LGB.  It is pretty much its own creature.
The cover is taken from the same art as the Japanese herald I posted about here, which in turn was taken from the Little Nipper book cover that I have not blogged about yet (stay tuned!).
The back cover tells us the year, and that this was apparently #7 in a series of books.  I'm hoping one of my readers can translate the other six titles for me.  Pretty weird art for Dinah on the back cover...
The first 4 pages of art are indeed taken from Al Dempster art, although in the case of the title page it has been cut and pasted from a variety of sources.
After that, it is all new art, with a limited color palette of blue and orange.  Until page 21, when it switches to monochromatic blue (did they run out of money?  Or just orange ink?
I'm totally digging Anime Alice in this art, and the best is the last interior page, page 36, looks like Alice in Wonderland meets Speed Racer.  "Go Arice Go!"
UPDATE:  A reader did provide not only a translation of the back cover, but of EVERY page pictured!  As follows:

Exclusive Disney printing rights reserved
Shogakukan's (publisher's name) First-grader, Learning

Volume 1 (April) Picture book and fairy tales
Volume 2 (May)     Word book
Volume 3 (June)    Disney Picture Book, Cinderella
Volume 4 (July)     Ako-chan and picture book
Volume 5 (August) Kuri-chan's summer vacation
Volume 6 (September) Group of Little Detectives
1958, Volume 7
Name, Published by Shogakukan, Tokyo

Alice in Wonderland
(This book is due to our publishing company's exclusive
contract with Disney Productions)
A Disney Picture Book

Alice went to the land of playing cards.
What will happen?
See page 28.

(Right page)
The Wondrous rabbit-hole
(Left page)
As Alice was playing, a white rabbit went into a
"I'll go into it, too."
"It's a little room".

(Right page)
The Magic Cat
"Mr Caterpillar, I want to become large."
(Left page)
"Oh, he's gone."
"Here I am".
"If you eat the mushroom, you'll become large."

Color the picture
Color with your favorite colors.


Hayley said...

Go Arisu Go!

I absolutely love this one. The anime-i-fied eyes on all the artwork is just so interesting. (As is the mysteriously diminishing ink-colors. Hmm.)

I could ask Yoshi if he wouldn't mind translating, if you'd like. :-) He reads your blog now, after all.

lou c ball said...

some ideas-
1.the punch out books
2.Disneyland wdl,dq,st records
3.CHAD VALLEY tin blocks
4.photos inside the old ride
5.little Nipper album
7.alice promoted on th e radio,1951

Major Pepperidge said...

Very neat; love the cover. And thanks to the translator!

Magic Emperor said...

*Alice runs after the White Rabbit frantically, with a blurred, anime-esque background behind her*

Matt said...

@hayley - cool, if I find time I think I'll scan the whole thing.

@lou - working my way through stuff, will get to it all eventually (I hope)

@major - I love the cover too! working on the nipper post now

@magic emperor - how do you indicate out of sych dialog in text? ;)

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