Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dell Four Color 331 - April 1951

I recently read a great post over at Michael Barrier's site, and thought I'd finally get around to posting a series on the various Alice in Wonderland comic book adaptations.  And we must start off with Four Color #331

This is such a classic adaptation with this fantastic wrap around cover.  And certainly a big deal for Dell.  As Michael pointed out in his post, Dell reverted back to the 52-page format for this issue, they had recently reduced their page count to 36, somewhere between issues 318 and 325 according to my research.  Added page count without increasing the price must have meant that they were expecting to sell LOTS.  There are some great stats in Michael's post that support this.

This comic was hotly anticipated, it even got a mention in the exhibitor's campaign book, stating that the print run would be 3,000,000 copies!  That is a lot of comics!  And they were looking to boost sales of Cinderella off the strength of this new campaign as well.
This comic was reprinted in many different editions over the years in the US, and in many foreign countries.  Stay tuned!


Magic Emperor said...

Heh! I always get a kick out of Disney's Alice wearing striped stockings.

Major Pepperidge said...

I was going to mention the striped stockings... maybe this is where Tim Burton developed his fetish for this kind of hosiery.

Love that wrap-around cover!

Matt said...

I love Alice with striped stockings, they are my favorite renditions of her. And surprisingly, the stripes remain throughout the various printings of this issue as you'll soon see.

Magic Emperor said...

If Tim Burton indeed got his fetish from Alice's striped stockings, then he's even weirder than I thought; he has stated many times that he dislikes the Disney animated film.

Matt said...

Indeed, even odder considering that he went to CalArts, and actually worked at the studio as an animator on The Fox and the Hound, and as a conceptual artist for Black Cauldron.

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