Saturday, January 22, 2011

First Full Page Advertisement for Alice - Life Magazine January 22, 1951

This issue of Life Magazine contains what I believe to the first advert for Alice in a periodical - if you don't count the two Pictorial reviews posted here and here.
This is also the first time we see the Alice logo type, my favorite of all the various logo types used for the film over the years.
This ad appeared six months prior to the release of the film, which seems like quite an early release for an ad campaign to begin back then.  Shows just how hard Disney was pushing Alice.  According to the campaign book between all the various advertisements, comics, supplements and articles published in all the periodicals identified, they were expecting a total circulation of more than 7 million.  I don't care what year it is, that's a hell of a lot of publicity.

Oh yeah, finally got my tabloid size scanner up and running, no more cutting and merging files for me!


Magic Emperor said...

Congrats on getting the tabloid scanner up and running, Matt! That should help plenty. And, yeah, 7 million is nothing to sneeze at. I'm impressed!

A Snow White Sanctum said...

Yes, that's my favorite of all the Alice logo types too.

Hey Matt, I know exactly what you mean when it comes cutting and merging my scanned files. What make and model tabloid-size scanner did you get. I could use one.

LisaInWonderland said...

Hey Matt! Thank you so much for my magazine, I wasn't home when it arrived but my Mum showed me over skype and it looks fantastic! I've made a mention over on my blog and would love you to check it out!

Thanks again!
Lisa x

Major Pepperidge said...

I guess I didn't discover your blog until too recently, so I had never seen the Halloween item before. That is now officially my favorite Alice artwork!

Matt said...

@Magic Emperor - oh to have had that scanner 3 years ago...

@Snow White - Epson GT-20000, I got it from NewEgg on sale, you can probably find them for under $1K

@Lisa - hope it lives up to your expectations. Good luck in FL this summer, if we make it down there this year we'll be sure to look you up!

@major - you and me both :)

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