Saturday, July 11, 2009

1951 National Screen Service 24-Sheet - Sorta

A 24-sheet is essentially a billboard. I have never seen one, but this is the image from the campaign book. Size of a 24-sheet is 108"x246" - that's 9 feet tall and 20.5 feet long!!

What I do have is this page from some unknown magazine that illustrates the Alice 24-sheet. The ad is for what appears to be a trade association for outdoor advertising companies called The Standard Group of Outdoor Advertising Companies.

I hesitated to post this ad, mostly because of the headline, which sounds like bad ad copy for a 1970s porno.

If this is really what the billboard looks like, would be great to have one...Alice would be something like 8 feet tall!


Matterhorn1959 said...

The question is- where do you put up a 24 sheet? Do you build a billboard in your back yard?

Sarah said...

(Oh good, glad it isn't just me with the dirty mind.)

You could wallpaper two or three sides of a room with it. A bit of the top might end up on the ceiling, but that's okay, right?

Matt said...

I'm sure if I were to find one I would come up with something ;)

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