Monday, August 4, 2014

English Birthday Card by Valentine's - Alice

Last in the series (that I am aware of) is this of Alice, with the bluebird of happiness apparently.
Again interior sentiment not really saying much, and certainly not themed to the Alice-ness of the card.
Nanny must have gotten a deal on these cards, and only known one heartfelt phrase for her presumed young charges - this time the recipient is Bobbie.  Twins perhaps?  Who can say, but I'm very glad to have them.


Peter said...

As a British child of the 1950s, I would venture to suggest that "Nanny" in this case was not an employed nurse, but Bobbie and John's grandmother. My own grandmother disliked the idea of being called "granny", and asked my mother that we should call her "Nanna". Both my wife's grandmothers were known as "Nanny" (a tradition she has continued with her grandchildren).

I also wonder if Bobbie was a girl (Roberta?) as I know that as a boy I would have been unimpressed with a card featuring a girl, even if it was Alice!

Matt said...

Peter - thanks for that, I did not know that. I did assume that 'bobbie' was a girl, usually the spelling for a boy is with a 'y'. I myself would not have minded an Alice card of course ;-)

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