Friday, January 23, 2009

Alice in Waterland - Weeki Wachee Record from 1964

Quite possibly the weirdest thing I've ever come across is this record from a Weeki Wachee mermaid show from 1964-65, featuring the Alice title song with slightly modified lyrics, as sung by Marlin and the Mermaids! Gotta love that.

The Mad Hatter is truly frightening.

I've also found a few postcards to go with it, would love to find a brochure or program.

Unfortunately the vinyl is a little scratchy so there is some static.

Weeki Wachee is still in operation today, it has become a State Park and is now safe from closing - its fate was very uncertain about 5 years ago. If you are in Florida and nearby, go see the mermaid show, they are very fun.


Hayley said...

That is beyond weird. I love the group name "Marlin and the Mermaids", though. That's damn clever.

Matterhorn1959 said...

That is a pretty cool song, a hapa haole version of the title song. I like the postcards too. I wonder what happened to the Mad Hatter head once the show was done.

el hombre invisible said...

So glad you posted this. I just got a hold of an 8mm film of the Alice in Wonderland show at Weeki Wachee and I'm going to edit it together with the original song. I will share it once I get the film transferred. :)