Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This Week Magazine - January 14th, 1951

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday.  To start the new year off right I'm posting one of my all time favorite items, a copy of This Week Magazine with a full color photo of Kathy on the cover. 
This Week was one of several Sunday newspaper supplements of the day, that had lots of little fluffy articles on current events and such.  This particular copy came from the Detroit News.  The cover on this is great, featuring Kathy in her Alice garb meandering through the mockup of the Tulgey Wood on her way to the Mad Tea Party.
Inside is a very typical marketing piece on the upcoming film, titled Alice in Movie Land.  It sports a few more animation reference photos with side-by-side comparisons to the final film, although they do make a couple of mistakes.
I remember the first time I saw one of these supplements, it was at this giant used bookstore in Burbank called Book World (which is no longer there I believe), and it had a pretty amazing price tag on it too.  But time passed and I managed to find a copy that didn't cost me my rent money for the month.  I do think this is the largest full color image of Kathy in costume published domestically, and certainly the most striking. 


Myko said...

You have an amazing collection and I am envious! I recently picked up the Alice in Wonderland makeup kit made by Hasbro and was trying to find some info on it. Do you have any articles already written on them?

Anonymous said...

Oh I have this copy also (found on eBay) only the one I have was a supplement with the Indianapolis Star.
I very much like your new blog layout too!

Anonymous said...

oh! Also, having rewatched my Blu-Ray extras footage recently, and have just realised that you are the "Alice authority" from the pictures in your previous post!

Kelvin Cedeño said...

That cover shot is gorgeous. Do any (genuine, not hand-tinted) color photos of Kathy in costume exist besides that one and the one with her cuddling Dinah in front of the storyboards? She mentioned in the Blu-ray supplements that Marc Davis was particular about the color of her costume, so even though the footage was shot in black and white, I suspect all of the actors' costume colors must've popped the way the film does.

Matt said...

@Myko - Thanks for the kinds words. I have not written the post on the makeup kit yet, but if you look at the post on the pencil boxes you'll see something familiar

@Maxine - yup, that's me. Imagine my surprise when the producer's asked me for my title. At the time I thought Alice Geek wasn't serious enough...

@Kiwi - There probably are in the studio photo library, but as far as what was published, those two are the only ones I've seen. I'll have to make a concerted search through all my magazines to be sure. I know the kitten photo was used as a cover to Paris Match for their holiday issue in 1951, I'm saving that one for next year.

Brian Sibley said...

Great item - AND an excellent new masthead to the blog! :)

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