Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine & Sons Jigsaw Puzzle JP-811 - The White Rabbit's House

Let's do some puzzles, shall we?  This very cool jigsaw puzzle is one of a set of unknown number by the company Valentine & Sons, Ltd. of Great Britain.  I've previously posted a birthday card puzzles of theirs here.
As with the birthday puzzle, this jigsaw puzzle is made of wood, with a very nice image of Alice at the White Rabbit's house.  Unfortunately this particular example is missing two pieces, but as I've never seen another one of this particular image, it will have to do.
The box is very cool, with lots of line art of Alice characters including a flamingo (!).  The sticker on the lid is cute too, shaped like Mickey's head.  There is a sticker on the side of the box that lists its stock number, JP-811.

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