Thursday, June 30, 2022

We Made Some Ink! Washingtonian Magazine July 2022

Being residents of the greater DMV (that's DC, Maryland, Virginia for those not in the know), the Washingtonian is our version of New York Magazine or Los Angeles Magazine, with features on local interest, published monthly.  And this month has a one-page feature on the Alice collection, only 6 years in the making!  Pictures below of the cover and our single page, and then an annotated page.

In the photo below, the numbered its are:
  1. Regal Mad Hatter Teapot
  2. Gund Queen of Hearts Vinylite Stuffed Toy
  3. Regal White Rabbit Creamer
  4. Zaccagnini (Italy) Cheshire Cat Figure
  5. Disneyland White Rabbit Press/VIP Gift from 1984 Attraction Re-Opening
  6. Neevel Doll Wardrobe Case
  7. Lars (Italy) Bill the Lizard Stuffed Toy
  8. 1970s Disneyland Child's Sunglasses
  9. National Leather Mfg Co Schoolbag
  10. Madame Alexander Doll
  11. Larceram (France) Lamp
  12. Chad Valley (England) Nursery Play-Toy Tin Stacking Blocks
  13. Unknown Tweedledee/dum String Holder (likely unlicensed)
  14. Enesco Head Vase
  15. Sni-Dor (Canada) Record Player
  16. Goebel (Germany) Dodo Smoker Ashtray
  17. Unknown (England) Meal Time Dish Set
  18. Hassenfeld Bros (Hasbro) Nurse Kit
  19. Linemar Mad Hatter's Sky-View Taxi Tin Friction Toy
  20. US Time Watch in Teacup Box


Inky said...

Congratulations! It's fun getting to see something Bill the Lizard, I always feel poor Bill gets ignored way too often.

Matt said...

Poor Bill.

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