Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Live Action Reference Photo 650-26 - Alice Looking Through the Keyhole

Today's live action reference is a copy from the WED research library printed on October 26th, 1971 (guess I should have posted this one yesterday!), the notation on the back simply says:
Disney Productions - "Alice in Wonderland"
Live action model Kathy Beaumont
Here we see poor Kathy lying on the floor peering through the tiny door, supposedly looking into Wonderland.
And you can see here that her dress is much less fancy, no lace trim, certainly not satin, more like wool or cotton.  At least it wasn't burlap.


Daveland said...

And yet they went to the trouble of putting curtains around the keyhole!

Matt said...

@dave - and quite the curtains they are! they must have spent several pennies and a dozen seconds on them at least!

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