Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pencil Sharpener

Back in the days before mechanical pencils with refillable lead cartridges and erasable ink, people used good old fashioned wood pencils, #2 of course. To keep a sharp point on those wooden pencils you needed a sharpener. Most schools had those wall-mounted monsters that could grind a pencil into dust in mere seconds. But there were are wide variety of personal sharpeners about, and Disney licensed a couple of manufacturers, but most were made by Plastic Novelties Inc. Here we see the Alice sharpener from Plastic Novelties Inc. It comes in several colors, and both smooth edges or scalloped edges. Alice is probably the most uncommon of the Disney sharpeners, it was not that long ago that I even knew of its existence! I don't know if this is plastic or bakelite as I have not attempted the bakelite test, but I assume it is plastic.

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