Sunday, September 21, 2008

Italian School Exercise Books - Quaderno #1

A few years ago I came across a series of school exercise books from Italy (Quaderno) with fantastic illustrated covers based on the film. Covers also display the RKO logo which dates them to the original release. I have found several variations of these exercise books including differing number of pages, regular lined paper, graph paper, ledger paper, square corners, and rounded corners.

There are eight different quaderno in the set, each is numbered on the back, and the illustrations follow the storyline of the film (pretty much). This is number 1, with a very nice illustration from the opening sequence with Alice's sister reciting the history lesson and Alice making the daisy chain for Dinah.

The back covers also have a synopsis of the segment of the film illustrated on the front. The art on the back cover is the same for each of the eight quaderno in the series.

I do find it odd that the font on the cover used for 'Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie' looks like it belongs on a Chinese restaurant menu rather than an Italian school book.

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