Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chocolate Sticks Original Box Label

This is one of those things that turn up that make you wonder just exactly how much stuff was created during the release of the film that has never been seen since 1951.  This is a shipping container label for Alice in Wonderland Chocolate Sticks, Item #1255, by the Chicago Biscuit Company.
This label would adorn cases of the product when they were shipped to distributors and stores.  I've never heard of these before.  Ever.  It is not listed in the campaign book, nor is it listed in the CMD.  I do have another piece for a different Alice confection made by the same company, and there is a very blurry image of yet another Alice confection in the Life Magazine photo I posted here, but I do not have any kind of comprehensive list of what was made.  The world may never know.

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Anonymous said...

how intriguing!

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