Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mickey Mouse Weekly #617 from England - March 8th, 1952

Issue 617 continues the Clown Island story on the cover (it seems to go on forever).
Our story continues with Alice escaping the battle-minded Unicorn, and encountering the White King and Red Queen again.
The White Knight makes his first appearance!  He certainly looks like Sir Giles from The Reluctant Dragon.  And the Red Knight also appears to be scrapping for a fight.


Major Pepperidge said...

Does anybody know if this story has ANY resemblance to the actual "Looking Glass" story? I can't help imagining this as an animated film, although I think it might suffer from some of the same problems that the original Alice had. No disrespect intended, Matt... I love the original Alice, but it does have some story problems!

Matt said...

Only a passing similarity. Some of the characters and situations are similar, but the details are all wrong.

Kelvin Cedeño said...

That's the major difference between the way the first book was adapted to film and the way the second book was adapted for this comic. The Disney film more or less followed the events of the novel, but the details/dialogue were greatly changed (I think the Caterpillar sequence is the only one that's lifted almost directly from the book). They still managed to keep enough of Carroll's dialogue to keep it recognizable, though.

The Looking Glass comic, on the other hand, has all the characters, but it so far seems to just throw them in a blender and have them collide at out-of-context moments. And so far very, very little of the dialogue is Carroll's. If purists were infuriated over the Wonderland adaptation, they'd probably protest had Looking Glass been adapted into a film like this.

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