Monday, May 7, 2012

Hasbro Make-Up Kit

Some of the coolest, and quite frankly oddest, toys created for the original release of Alice in Wonderland, are the various playsets made by Hassenfeld Brothers, later known as Hasbro.  The first of these is the Make-Up Kit.
It is an unusual experience for a grown man to get giddy with excitement when encountering a mint in the box complete make-up kit let me tell you.  Hasbro basically re-packaged an OTS (off the shelf) make-up kit by slapping a little custom Alice art on it, and voila!  The kit is pretty cool as it contains powder and puff, various play cosmetics, and apparently bottles of colored water that were supposed to be perfume I imagine.  Hours of fun for any little fashion model.  There are of course variations, usually having to do with the contents of the kit (probably what they had on hand at the time), but the oddest variation is the placement of the carrying handle.  Sometimes it is on the side with the closure,
sometimes it is on the top, smack dab in the middle of the art?!  Fortunately the cover art is the same as the art on the inside of the lid.
Interestingly, the art of Alice in the mirror was re-purposed for the various pencil boxes as I noted in this post.

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