Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Box Office's Promotion Magazine - September 22nd, 1951

I recently picked up this vintage magazine put out by Boxoffice, and it turned out to be a fascinating magazine from cover to cover.
I had never heard of this before, it appears to be some sort of supplement to the standard Boxoffice issues that came out regularly.  But this magazine is 100% dedicated to the concept of promoting films, in every way, shape or form.
For instance, take this teeny little blurb on the Alice in Wonderland Sunday comic.  Seems barely worth mentioning since it is only a total of 34 words.
This is cool, I previously posted this page when I did my series on the original set of NSS posters for the 1951 release.  At the time I did not know where the page came from, but I do now!
As I said, this magazine is all about how to promote movies, and it give you lots of tools to do so.
For instance, this page provides a list of upcoming releases and when those films have previously been mentioned in something called the National Pre-Selling Guide. 
Or this item, which lists in the Pre-Selling Guide, which films are having records released and what the titles will be.
Nice little blurb about the Alice RCA Victor records.
And finally, a condensed page of reviews of current films, where they were reviewed, and how well received.
Think of it as a pre-cursor to Rotten Tomatoes.
Alice did pretty well!  What this magazine lacks in pictures, it more than makes up for with sheer quantity of information.

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