Monday, September 10, 2012

David Hall Story Art Stills - Alice Enters the Rabbit Hole

Alice, ever the curious one, peers into the rabbit hole down which the White Rabbit has disappeared.  Anthropomorphic Dinah is clearly NOT wanting Alice to do this as she is holding her back!  The drawing is reproduced in the David Hall book.
Alas, Alice indeed follows her curiosity and falls down the hole.  This drawing shows David Hall's dramatic take on Alice, her face is the picture of shock and even terror!
Alice continues to tumble down the hole.  Note the characteristic skinny legs that David Hall nearly always drew for Alice.


Torgo25 said...

Interestingly enough, that third shot (the one of her flipping over) made it into the final production. It's the shot in which she shouts "Goodbye, Dinah! Goodbyyyyyye!" as she spirals down the hole.

Major Pepperidge said...

The skinny legs somehow make her feel more like a kid; love the way Hall captured that frightened expression!

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