Saturday, September 8, 2012

David Hall Story Art Stills - Alice Plays With Dinah

Our story continues with Alice playing with her cat Dinah, with the daisy chain on her head.  This is pencil drawing, and I'm happy to say it reside in my collection as illustrated in this post!  The caption for this reads "and sets the silly crown on its head."  Although this still doesn't show it, this is signed, but outside the image area.
Dinah is clearly not happy with the daisy chain, and struggles to get rid of it.
And in a bizarre twist, begins walking around on two legs!  Anthropomorphic Dinah was (thankfully) not included in the final film.
A partial signature is visible in the lower left corner, and there is a notation in the lower right corner '8-10-12'.  This drawing was reprinted in the David Hall book.

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Snow White Archive said...

Very nice. Interesting expression on Dinah's face.

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