Monday, May 20, 2013

Alice and the Drink Me Bottle Rotoscope Layout Drawing

These are the kind of drawings I just love, showing the full animation process at work.
Here we see how the animators are trying to work out how this scene will progress with Alice changing size,  starting with a rotoscope tracing of Kathy drinking the bottle, and finishing with drawing of Alice shrinking under the table.


Major Pepperidge said...

It is interesting to compare the rotoscoped tracing to the finished "Alice"... the proportions have changed drastically. You can really see how stiff the film would have looked if they had simply roto'ed the whole thing.

Sam said...

I like the rotoscoped looking Kathryn-Alice (especially the nicely-done face profile) and the more naturally-sketched shrinking Alice ... but I don't quite like how the dress+apron was animated in that shot we see snapped here, too round and not "dress/skirt" enough.

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