Saturday, May 25, 2013

Alice Walking Away from the Mad Tea Party Animation/Layout Drawing

This layout drawing is interesting in that it shows the degree to which planning of a scene occurs, down to the  track a character makes across a background.
In this scene Alice is walking away - or rather stalking away - from the Mad Tea Party.


Sam said...

How is her "stalking away" different from her "walking" away?

Matt said...

I think it is more of the emotion behind it (to my thinking at least). Alice is frustrated ("This is the stupidest tea party I've been too in all my life!"), and walks away in a huff. So walking away doesn't seem to be strong enough emotionally, but stalking away, that says something ;)

UCBlogger said...

yeah....She is CLEARLY ever so pissed, and her step has a certain 'tude to it that is not usually present throughout the movie...She sure does seem to lose it more than I remember her doing when I saw this movie as a child...So very expressive, so very unpredictable & so VERY "realistically" human...For me it's a major reason why I feel she's one of the best of the classic Disney characters.

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