Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Alice Looks Annoyed Animation Drawing

Another Alice, this time looking quite stern, or in reality annoyed, as she has just been told by the doorknob that she is simply impassable.  Thanks again to Mad Kiwi, I now know that this drawing is just a few frames earlier in the sequence from the one posted yesterday!
You can see how the scene was cropped to the registration line at the bottom of her skirt, making the screen image much larger than the original drawing.
Image courtesy of http://disneyscreencaps.com


Magic Emperor said...

One of my favorite shots of her. I don't know any other character who looks so cute when displeased. <3

Major Pepperidge said...

Love these drawings... the magic of animation (I almost hate to say that over-used word "magic")!

Magic Emperor said...

"(I almost hate to say that over-used word "magic")!"

*Crosses arms on chest and lifts eyebrow. He subtly gestures to his own username* :P

Major Pepperidge said...

Magic Emperor, you know what I mean! Nothing personal intended.

Disney has also overused the word "dreams", and possibly "imagination" too.

Magic Emperor said...

I know, haha. Just playin'. ;) I found the relation very funny.

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