Thursday, May 9, 2013

Alice Wields a Limp Flamingo Animation Drawing

I love this drawing because of the expressions on both Alice's face and the flamingo's.  Not sure what the two notations mean (ditto and what looks like Bal of Flamingo)
This screencap is a couple of frames away, but was the best I could do.


Major Pepperidge said...

Now you need to get the EXACT cells and matching backgrounds to go with your drawings. Shouldn't be too hard! ;-)

Magic Emperor said...
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Magic Emperor said...

eBay is the worst when it comes to incorrect backgrounds. "Here's a cel with a background so mismatched, it'll burn your eyes if you look at it long enough! Wow!"

Relevant to this topic: I always loved that flamingo's laugh. I don't know why, it just amuses me so much.

Matt said...

@Major - ha! That would indeed be wonderful, and so so unlikely. And expensive.

@Magic Emperor - Yeah...some of those print backgrounds are pretty hideous, but Disney wasn't any better. I can't tell you how many cels I've seen from a WIDE variety of films all on Sleeping Beauty prints.

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