Friday, May 31, 2013

The Doorknob Getting Rained On by Alice's Tears Animation Drawing

This is a very cool, and unusual drawing.  I've never seen an animation drawing where the layout was portrait rather than landscape.  I wonder why they did that?
It took me a long time to find this particular image, I originally thought it came from the sequence when Alice was muttering to herself about poison, but it is in fact from when Big Alice is crying her eyes out and creates the Pool of Tears.


Peter said...

The table of a rostrum camera, with it's setup of top and bottom pegs, could be rotated under the camera to any angle. Rotating 90 degrees places the pegs at left and right of screen, permitting vertical panning of artwork.

In this case, the scene starts on Alice's falling tear drop, the artwork panning up as we follow its descent to hit the floor in front of the doorknob.

This is a clean-up drawing - I don't know if Frank Thomas actually animated the scene on side pegs, or whether his drawings were repositioned and cleaned up by an assistant.

Matt said...

@Peter - thanks for the great info! It would be great to see one of those vertical pan backgrounds, I've only ever seen the big horizontal ones.

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