Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cozy Corner Book

This is the book for which the painting in yesterday's post was created. This book is somewhat of a puzzle in and of itself. It appears that this is the only one of the Disney Cozy Corner books to have multiple printings.

The first printing from 1951 is identified in several ways, the first of which is by its back cover, which bears a list of other books in the series, as well as its stock number, 2074-25, located in the lower right corner.

The other - and more obvious - indication of a first printing are the endpapers. In first printings the endpapers are a bizarre shade of yellow-green.

The list of titles on the back cover of the second printing is quite different, and there are no duplications from the first printing as far as the Disney titles are concerned. The titles on the second printing also help date it to 1954, the publication dates of the Lady, Ben and Me, and Stormy titles. The stock number also changed, now 2417:29.

Endpapers of the second printing are a striking magenta color.

Below is a scan of the first page of the book, showing the painting from yesterday. It is always sad to see how poorly these paintings are reproduced in the books of the period.

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Christopher said...

Ive not seent hese before,they have some nice artwork!

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