Sunday, August 3, 2008

Goebel DIS 85 - Dinah

Another cryptic TOMART description, this time for DIS 85, "laughing cat lying on its back with forelegs crossed on chest" led me to originally guess that this could be the Cheshire Cat. And the catalog photo did not really shed any more light on the matter.

But once again, the FC331 adaptation reveals that this is also Dinah.

Apparently Herr Zetzmann was an avid comic book reader.

UPDATE:   I have finally acquired this figure

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Centaurette said...

A wonderful unravelling of the long-standing "Why does Alice seem to occasionally be accompanied by Figaro?" conundrum! I recall reading another comic book story (no doubt from a Dell Four Color, though I remember it as a reprint in Walt Disney's Comics Digest) in which Lady, the cocker spaniel star of "Lady and the Tramp" finds herself in Wonderland for an adventure! Just imagine the Goebel figural mayhem that would have happened had Herr Z. gotten hold of THAT story!
I am really enjoying your posts--keep 'em coming!

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