Friday, August 8, 2008

Goebel DIS 108 - Dodo Ashtray

Ok, so I know the Dodo is one of three characters in Alice in Wonderland that smokes, but does he really need two ashtrays? DIS 108 is the SECOND Dodo ashtray, this one based on the DIS 66 figure.

UPDATE 7/18/2012: I have recently acquired this figure,


Hayley said...

Well, I do believe that the Walrus is the only character who smokes in the film. Thus, it makes sense for him to be featured on an ashtray.

Matt said...

Au contraire Computer Girl, how could you forget the hookah smoking caterpillar, and the Dodo is lighting his pipe when he proposes to 'burn the house down' - how quickly they forget ... ;)

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