Saturday, August 2, 2008

Goebel DIS 71 - Dodo Ashtray

In 1952 Goebel extended the line of Alice in Wonderland figures to include another 14 items in total. This, DIS 71, the Dodo ashtray was the first of these new 1952 figures. This image is from an original catalog page that shows the entire Alice line (save the decanter). TOMART says "dressed bird with pipe as ashtray".

This ashtray is the only one of the 4 ashtrays to be completely figural in nature. In this way it is similar to a more common ashtray, DIS 8, the Thumper figural ashtray. The remainder of the Alice ashtrays are merely standard ashtray dishes with figures from the 1951 series attached.

I've never actually seen ANY of the Alice ashtrays, although I do hope to someday, as odd as the thought of a Disney ashtray is...although as smoking characters go, this one is appropriate as he does have a pipe, which is his inspiration for a 'more energetic remedy'.

UPDATE:  I have finally acquired this figure

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