Saturday, August 9, 2008

Goebel DIS 110 - Walrus Decanter Set

The final item in the Alice in Wonderland series is the fifth Walrus in the set (what character needs 5 incarnations?) - DIS 110, the decanter set.

The set consists of a figural Walrus decanter (his head is the stopper, how cool is that?), a tray, and six cups. Interesting thing about the cups and tray is that they have their own unique numbers. Each cup is marked KL 66 B, and the tray is marked (I think) RG 108 / E - the incising on my tray is pretty faint.

Even though the numbers on the tray and cups do not match those on the decanter itself, I am certain they are correct for the set, as I've had two over the years and they were both the same. Plus the Goebel catalog page illustration shows the same tray and cups with the decanter. Perhaps the tray and cups are generic for other decanter sets made by Goebel.

And that concludes the Alice in Wonderland series of Disney Goebel figures.

1 comment:

Hayley said...

Oh my god! You rip off his head and pour out his insides to consume! Isn't Disney merchandise lovely?

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