Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Great Goebel Posting - Addendum

Walt's Office
A very kind reader sent in the photo below. It is Walt Disney's working office as taken at the studio in 1968. For those of you who visited Disneyland a lot (like me), this office resided in the pre-show area of Mr. Lincoln for years. I believe it is now located in Walt Disney World.

If you look closely at the window sill, you will notice the Queen and King nodders! For years I would stare at them in Mr. Lincoln (but for some reason never took a photo of them) wondering if I would ever see them in person. Well, I'm half way there! Thanks again kind reader for sharing this photo with me.

As mentioned in several posts I have not seen any named character labels on the Alice figures. But I have seen variations on the generic Walt Disney Character labels. The most frequently encountered is the round label.

There is also a scalloped edged label that I've seen on some of the nodders, and as hang tags

And on one occassion I've seen a rectangular label (on a Carpenter figure DIS 64 that I was unsuccessful in acquiring).

Catalog Pages
Here are the two Goebel catalog pages that illustrate the entire Alice series.

More Disney Goebels
And last but not least, for those interested in more Disney Goebel figures, I'm attempting to catalog every vintage Disney Goebel figure over at my other blog Random Neat Stuff.


Centaurette said...

I spent many happy visits to Disneyland flattening my nose against the glass peering into Walt's relocated offices, or at least getting as close to doing so as the Cast Members -- and the ropes --would allow! There were so many intriguing items to be squinted at: the King and Queen nodders, certainly, in the working office, the sheet music and book titles in the formal office, and all of the sleek but comfy Kem Weber-designed custom furniture (Drexel Heritage has recently re-created some of these pieces for the home--they're pretty wonderful).

On the Goebel stickers/hang tags, what do the letters "Ffn" after WDP (obviously Walt Disney Productions) mean? Is that a German equivilent of TM or ©?

Again, many thanks for all of your detailed (and entertaining!) postings!

Matt said...

I think (but am not certain) that it stands for Frankfurt am Main, which is apparently a standard "Place of Publication" abbreviation in German.

Kevin Kidney said...

Oh my gosh, fantastic stuff, Matt!

DisneyDave said...

The maquette of Pinocchio on the left side of the window ledge, was the first three-dimensional statuette created in the Model Department. This maquette was sculpted by artist Charles Cristadoro.

Visit my blog and do a search for "Pinocchio's Christmas Party" to read more about this statuette.

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